One Of Our Very Own Was Involved In An Unfortunate Accident

After working so many years in personal injury and handling many car accident cases, we still live with the mentality of “that will never happen to me.” Unfortunately, I have had several family members and a few members of my staff be involved in accidents. Whether they were big or small cases, I have been there for them to help them get back on their feet.

Last month, one of my staff members was in an unfortunate accident causing her life to change. She experienced a lot of physical and emotional stress and in that moment, didn’t know what steps to take to handle her situation in the best way.

The morning of the accident, she called in letting us know she had been in a serious car accident and was on her way to the hospital. We were saddened by the news and hoped for the best. The following day, she called us back and told us “I’m in so much pain and don’t know where to go because my family doctor won’t be able to see me. I don’t know what to do next, so I’m calling you all for your recommendations.” It was heartbreaking to hear that one of our own was going through all of this, but I was glad she called and requested our help.

After getting many calls from her car insurance company, the hospital billing company, the ambulance billing company and many others while she was at home resting and recuperating, she asked for us to help her through this. She told me, “I had heard that collectors do go after you, but I was in so much pain and concerned about my health that I didn’t want to take care of that. I knew you all would be able to help me.”

We referred her to a doctor who handles injury clients and reassured her that all her medical bills and loss of vehicle would be taken care of. I’m glad we were able to be there for her during this difficult time. It made me think of other injury victims who are currently going through the same thing, but are confused, too nervous, or even afraid to reach out to an attorney. I hope to reach out to them and let them know I’m here to help, just like I’ve been there for my family and friends.

- Raul A. Guajardo