Don’t Drive Distracted - Take the Pledge!

We’ve all done it: The notification of an email sounds or we want to send a quick update text to the people waiting for us on the other end of our trip, so we pick up our cell phone while driving.

It’s just a few seconds with our eyes off the road, and we’re great at multi-tasking. What’s the harm?

Every 8 seconds, someone’s hurt in a car accident in the United States.

Many of those injuries come from distracted driving. From cell phones to navigational systems, radios to that delicious burger you just got at the drive thru, the things pulling our attention from the road are numerous.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month , which aims to make people aware of the unconscious but dangerous decisions they make every day.

We see accident victims of all types in our office, many who were hurt because someone else couldn’t let that call go to voicemail. Distracted driving is 100% preventable.

Don’t become a statistic. Take the Just Drive pledge this month and vow to put your phone down and just drive. Find the pledge at

- Raul A. Guajardo