What should I do if I am hit by an uninsured driver?

Car accidents happen unexpectedly, and those involved are often in shock afterward. It can be difficult to have the presence of mind to take the steps you should take after a car crash, but if you are able to get contact and insurance information from others involved, you may discover that the other driver does not have liability insurance. When this happens, you have a few options.

Your First Step Should Be to Call an Attorney

When a driver who caused a crash does not have insurance, getting the compensation you deserve becomes more difficult. An experienced car accident attorney will make sure every possible source of compensation is investigated, including the at-fault driver’s personal assets and the victim’s insurance policies.

Collecting Compensation From Personal Assets

Drivers in Texas are not technically required to have car insurance, but they are legally responsible for paying for any damage they cause. Most people protect themselves from having to use personal resources by buying insurance. When a driver does not have insurance, an attorney’s first course of action will be to look at his personal assets. If they are significant, the attorney will file a claim for compensation against the driver. Unfortunately, most uninsured drivers do not have personal fortunes to pay your damages.

Looking at Your Own Insurance Policies

If you have car insurance, you probably also have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. In Texas, this coverage is automatically included in every car insurance policy, and you would have to submit a request in writing to reject it. If you do have it, you would file a claim against it, and there should be no difficulty getting the payment. Other coverages you may have in your policy that would kick in in this situation include medical payments coverage and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. If you have a health insurance plan, it should cover any medical treatments that are not paid for by other insurance sources.

Protect Yourself Financially and Legally

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), around 1 in 8 Texas drivers is uninsured. This means your odds of being in an accident with one are fairly high. Protect yourself by carrying as much uninsured motorist coverage as you can afford and by hiring Raúl Guajardo to represent you when you do not know where to turn for compensation. Connect with us today to learn more.