You can Earn Rewards When You Do Not Drive Distracted


There are more reasons to drive safely and distraction-free.

In most states in the nation, texting while driving is against the law. It is either a primary offense, which means that you can be pulled over and ticketed for it, or it is a secondary offense, which means that you can only get a ticket if you are breaking another type of law. States have cracked down on distracted driving, exploring various options for deterring the behaviors and penalizing those who succumb to distraction.

There is another way to encourage safe driving: As reported in The New York Times, Nate Wagner and his business partner have taken the “carrot-not-the-stick approach.

Incentivizing Safe Driving

According to Wagner, he realized that other apps that discourage distraction-free driving by blocking incoming messages when a car is in motion were not working. So, he and his business partner thought they would try something new; they created an app that rewards rather than penalizes drivers.

The app is called “This App Saves Lives,” and it is completely free. It is dormant on a phone until a phone starts traveling, due to being in a car, at 10 miles per hour or more. Then, the app powers on and monitors any phone use while the vehicle is in motion.

If a driver uses the phone for anything, like changing the music, responding to a text, answering a call, or checking an email, the app will know it. Every minute that a driver drives without using their phone, they earn a point. If they use the phone in an unsafe way, they lose a point. Pretty simple.

Once enough points are earned, they can be redeemed for rewards. For example, Shake Shack has partnered with the app, and will provide a free milkshake once enough points are earned.

Wagner said that the app is primarily intended to target young drivers, who are not only the most likely to use an app, but also the most dangerous cohort of drivers on the road today.

Stay Safe on the Road

If a free milkshake is not motivation enough, other companies have implemented different technologies and incentives for driving safely, too. For example, one insurance company’s app monitors a driver’s actions and, if they get a safe driving report, their car insurance rate is reduced.

If that is not reason enough, either, consider that in Texas, using a cellphone while driving is a primary offense. What is more, distracting driving is a top killer on our roadways every year.

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