What Damages Will a Slip and Fall Lawsuit Recover in TX?

When filing a lawsuit for compensation after a slip and fall accident, there are many types of damages you can include in your claim.

When a person is injured in a slip and fall accident due to another person’s negligence, the victim can file a claim for compensation. This compensation is known as damages in personal injury claims, and it is intended to help accident victims recover for their losses.

Many people wonder how much compensation they can receive if their personal injury claim is successful. While there is no way to determine an exact amount without fully reviewing the facts of the case, there are some guidelines individuals can follow. Below are the most common damages available in a slip and fall lawsuit that can help injured individuals determine how much compensation they can receive.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are not only the most common type of damages included in slip and fall claims, they also typically make up the majority of claims. When claiming medical expenses, it is important to not only claim current costs, but also any future medical expenses that you may incur. This means before filing a claim, you must reach maximum medical improvement, meaning that your injuries are not going to become any worse, but they will not get any better, either. This is the only way to understand how many medical costs you need to include in your claim.

Lost Income

After a slip and fall, you will likely need to miss some time from work. To compensate for this lost income, you can include it in your claim as well as other losses including lost benefits, bonuses, sick pay, vacation time, and any other loss you suffered as a result of being unable to return to work.

Loss of Earning Capacity

Sometimes, the injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident are so severe that you cannot return to the same line of work you once did, and that may cause you to earn a lower wage. When that is the case, you can include the loss of your earning capacity in your claim.

Permanent Impairment or Disfigurement

A permanent disfigurement or impairment causes accident victims a severe loss of enjoyment of life. Texas law allows accident victims to include these damages in their claim when they can no longer enjoy the hobbies, sports, or other recreational activities they once loved.

Pain and Suffering

Although pain and suffering may not have a concrete value that is easy to calculate, it is still recognized by the courts as a loss and therefore, can be included in a slip and fall claim.

Our Texas Slip and Fall Lawyers can Secure the Full Compensation You Deserve

After being injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to know that you can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit for compensation. While the types of damages listed above are the most common that are included in these claims, our Edinburg slip and fall lawyers can advise on the many types of damages available in your case. When you are hurt, call our attorneys at the Law Office of Raul A. Guajardo, PLLC, at (956) 318-3200 to learn more about how we can help you secure the full amount of compensation you deserve.