Texas Roads Rated Most Dangerous for Teen Drivers

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It is common knowledge that teens are more at risk when on the roads but in Texas, the roads are the most dangerous in the country.

A recent study conducted by Go Safe Labs shows that Texas has the highest rate of car accident injuries and fatalities for children under the age of 18. The research group analyzed public data for over 300,000 people involved in fatal accidents. While states such as Florida, California, and Illinois all made the top 10, Texas was found to be the most dangerous state for teen drivers and children involved in car crashes.

Accident Stats Involving Teen Drivers and Children

The Go Safe Labs study showed that in Texas, there were 1,172 child fatalities over the time period studied. That was 400 more than California, which had 771 child fatalities over the same period of time. It is also interesting to note that while 57% of fatal crashes occurred on rural roads, where people are more likely to drive pickup trucks, only 43% of fatalities occurred in urban areas.

Teen drivers are also at greater risk in Texas than their older counterparts. In 2017, it was found that 39.3% of teens admitted to texting and driving, while 7.1% of teenagers reported that they had driven while drunk. In the same study, it was found that 7.1% of teens reported that they rarely wore a seatbelt while driving. All of these combined factors make Texas the 13th most dangerous state in the country for teen drivers.

What Makes Car Accident Cases Involving a Minor Different?

Minors have the same right to file a personal injury claim after an injury as adults. However, these claims are slightly different when they involve an accident victim under the age of 18. The two main differences are as follows:

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