Take Photos After an Accident

Photos are important after an accident, but what pictures should you take?

It is not uncommon for accident victims to not know exactly what happened during a car accident. Sometimes these crashes happen too quickly while other times, injuries such as concussions cause accident victims to forget portions of the crash, including the events that led up to it. Due to this, it is crucial to take photographs of the scene as soon as possible after any car accident. Photographs will show how the crash happened, and it will also help prove it to an insurance company or a jury. Photographs will help an attorney and the insurance company accurately evaluate the amount of damages accident victims are owed.

So, after an accident, what photos should you take?


There is a lot of information that has to be collected at an accident scene. That information includes the other driver’s license number, license plate number, and insurance information showing that the other driver has adequate insurance. While it is possible to simply write this information down, it is much better to take a photo of it. This will ensure the information is correct when you or your attorney need to use it, and it is also much faster than writing it all down manually.

Damage to the Vehicles

It is crucial to take photographs of all damage sustained to all vehicles involved in the crash. This can help indicate how the accident happened. For example, if one vehicle was red and its taillights were smashed in, and the other vehicle was black but had damage to the front with flakes of red paint, it could indicate that the black vehicle crashed into the red one. Taking photographs of the vehicles can also help accurately estimate the amount of damages.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence includes skid marks on the road, bumpers in the middle of the road, and broken glass at the accident scene. This can also establish the total amount of damages and how the accident happened.

Closeups and the Entire Site

It is important to take closeups of certain aspects of the accident, such as damage to the vehicles. These will clearly show the subject of the photograph. It is also important however, to stand farther away from the accident scene and snap a couple of photographs. This will show the entire accident scene, which can also provide information on how the crash happened.

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