Proposed Law Aims to Protect Trucking Companies from Liability for Truck Accidents in Texas

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A new bill would protect trucking companies and make truck drivers more accountable when truck accidents in McAllen happen.

Truck accidents in McAllen happen on a regular basis. Considering the massive size of most big rigs, it is generally other motorists involved who suffer the most serious injuries. While actions on the part of the trucking company are often to blame, a new bill proposes to limit their liability. This could impact the total amount of compensation you are entitled to in a claim.

Texas Bill Would Limit Liability for Truck Accidents in McAllen

A bill proposed in early March 2021 aims to change liability laws in Texas, particularly as they relate to trucking accidents. Facing pressure from representatives within the trucking industry, lawmakers introduced Texas House Bill 19. It provides immunity from lawsuits filed against trucking companies in the aftermath of crashes, holding them accountable only in cases where gross negligence was a factor.

Proponents of the bill claim it is desperately needed as current liability laws pave the way for excessively high monetary judgments. They say these are driving up liability insurance costs while draining trucking company profits, jeopardizing the industry at a time when it is already hurting. Critics claim the bill would basically give trucking companies a free pass to engage in reckless behavior. They have concerns that the number of truck accidents in Texas could increase while decreasing the amounts victims are entitled to in the aftermath. The bill is being debated in hearings but could end up passing in as little as a few months.

The Role Trucking Companies Plan in Truck Accidents

According to statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), more than 1,000 truck accidents happen throughout the state each year, claiming the lives of nearly 700 people while leaving more than 500 others with serious personal injuries. In the majority of cases, those most at risk are not truck drivers, but other motorists involved.

No doubt reckless behavior on the part of truckers, such as speeding and driving distracted or under the influence, is often to blame for truck accidents in McAllen. However, trucking company practices often play a major role in these crashes, as well. Actions for which they can currently be held liable include:

  • Failing to properly vet new truck drivers or provide the appropriate training;
  • Failing to penalize them for traffic infractions;
  • For requiring overly demanding schedules, which increases the risk of speeding and drowsy-driving related truck accidents;
  • For not properly maintaining their fleets, which is a common contributing factor in crashes.

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