How Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Personal Injury Law?

self driving vehicle

Today, when insurance claims are filed, they are filed based on the errors of human drivers. How might artificial intelligence impact personal injury law? Call our lawyer today to learn more.

If you are in a car crash and you suffer injuries or property damage or both, you have the right to bring forth a claim against the responsible driver’s insurance per Texas’ at-fault car insurance laws. As technology quickly evolves and self-driving cars become a more likely reality, there are questions about how autonomous vehicles might impact the personal injury landscape. Consider the following about what may happen and call our qualified car accident lawyer at the Law Office of Raul A. Guajardo, P.L.L.C. for help navigating your car accident case.

Who is Liable for an Accident Caused by a Self-Driving Car?

We have all heard the claim that airplanes “practically fly themselves,” and it is true - airplanes do mostly fly on autopilot. However, airplanes do not have multiple other objects that are in the sky alongside them at a given time, much unlike a roadway where other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and other humans, animals, and objects exist. As such, it is unlikely to assume that, at least at the beginning of the technology’s roll-out, there will not be accidents. If an accident does occur, who will be liable?

Determining liability will likely be difficult. If a self-driving car causes a crash, surely liability will not fall on the shoulders of the victim of the crash - that much is clear. Then who will be liable? Potentially liable parties might include:

  • The car manufacturer;
  • The developer of the car’s autonomous technology;
  • A third-party who installed the technology or otherwise worked on the car;
  • The owner of the vehicle.

The Difficulties of Determining Liability and Recovering Compensation

Not only may there be multiple potentially liable parties involved in an accident involving an autonomous vehicle, but these claims may take longer to settle, too. Product liability claims can take years to litigate, as proving a product defect is extremely complicated. Because big companies, including large tech companies, have highly skilled lawyers on their side, it may be challenging for a victim of a self-driving car accident to recover the compensation that they deserve. The simplest of claims will surely be those that focus on human error, not the errors of technology.

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Today, car accident claims for the most part are still based on human negligence. At the Law Office of Raul A. Guajardo, P.L.L.C., our experienced car accident attorney knows how to investigate your case, build your claim, and aggressively negotiate to get you a settlement that you deserve. If you have been in a crash, you can count on our lawyer to advocate for you.

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