Have You Developed Breathing Problems from Mold?

When exposure to mold impacts your health, property owners and any third parties involved may be held accountable.

Mold is a dangerous substance that tends to grow in areas of high humidity or anywhere moisture collects. It may appear as a brown, black, yellow, or even pink substance on walls, floors, or ceilings and can also spread to your personal effects. Eliminating it is challenging but important to maintaining your health. The presence of mold in your home, school, work, or other environments can leave you suffering serious breathing problems. When this happens, our Edinburg, TX personal injury attorney can help you hold property owners and third parties involved accountable in a claim.

The Impact Mold Exposure Has on Your Health

The word ‘mold’ is a non-scientific term to describe a variety of different types of fungi that can grow either inside or outdoors. Mold thrives in humid and damp environments, spreading through spores that are released into the air. The National Poison Control Center warns that breathing in these spores can have serious impacts on your health. While each individual is likely to react to mold differently, breathing problems are one of the most common effects. These may include:

  • Getting short of breath easily and a generally reduced lung capacity;
  • Suffering frequent allergy symptoms, including runny nose and wheezing;
  • Experiencing more frequent and severe respiratory infections;
  • Attacks of asthma, which requires the use of medications and inhalers.

Any type of breathing problem or lung infection has the potential to be life-threatening. In addition to the dangers posed by spores, the moist conditions that promote mold growth also cause an increase in dust mites, dangerous chemicals, and bacteria in the air.

Dealing with Mold in Your Environment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that while there is always some form of mold in the environment, high levels in your home or other locations need to be immediately addressed. While there are plenty of do-it-yourself options for eliminating mold, the potential for spores to spread through the air and the likelihood of it infecting vents and other hard to reach places causes many people to call in professionals. While this can be costly, it may be the only way to protect your health.

Unfortunately, there are likely situations in which you have no control over mold, such as if it is at your job or at schools you and your children attend. Even in your home, underlying conditions can cause mold to return, despite repeat treatments. In these cases, you may be able to hold the property owner and others accountable both for your expenses and for the health issues you suffer as a result.

Reach Out to Our Edinburg, TX Premises Liability Attorney

Property owners can be held liable for dangerous conditions that put your health in jeopardy. This includes mold. Building contractors, material suppliers, and other third parties may be held liable as well. To discuss your rights in filing a claim, contact the Law Office of Raúl A. Guajardo, P.L.L.C. today to request a consultation.