Misunderstanding and misuse of driver assistance technology could lead to a crash

Vehicle Safety Technology


According to AAA, safety technology designed to keep drivers safe, may actually be leading to more accidents. Their research shows that drivers are relying too much on high-tech features, such as lane switching warnings, automatic braking, and blind spot monitoring. The confusion about the proper function of these technologies can lead to misuse and over-reliance, which could result in a deadly crash.


The research found that 80% of drivers using blind spot monitoring systems believed it could detect vehicles passing at high speeds, bicycles, or pedestrians. In reality, this technology only detects when a vehicle is traveling in a driver's blind spot, and may not detect bicycles or pedestrians.

Nearly 40% of drivers believed that Forward Collision Warning would apply the brakes in case of an emergency when it is only designed to warn the driver.

To prevent accidents from happening while utilizing these technologies, drivers are encouraged to:

  • Read the vehicles owner's manual to learn what systems are installed
  • Request an in-vehicle demonstration and take a test drive at the time of purchase
  • Ask plenty of questions about alerts, functions, and capabilities of the safety technologies


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