Landing in an accident, especially during the holidays, is a key stress factor for many travelers during the Christmas season. I recall my neighbor’s son (Charlie) being involved in an automobile accident last year while driving home from his first semester at Texas A&M. His parents had drilled into him that reckless Christmas-time drivers were in abundance during year-end festivities, so the promise of extra caution was extracted amidst moans and groans from the young man.


“Common sense and good driving habits are oftentimes thwarted by a number of factors including time shortage, excessive drinking and lack of sleep during this time of the year.”


Charlie was crossing an intersection when a driver smashed into him, apparently, the driver of the other car was late for a delivery and ran a stop sign. The driver was also uninsured so what did that mean for Charlie?


Charlie has a clean driving record for all intents and purposes. It had already been determined via traffic cams and bystanders that Charlie was the innocent party so would insurance pay without a fight? Insurance companies in Texas make you earn every cent of your claim, even if you’re the innocent party. Charlie’s mother had added Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage to their policy prior to him leaving for college, but the other driver was not insured, so what did this mean for Charlie?


Since he was covered for events like these, the claims adjuster at his insurance company will handle the claim just as they would a regular liability claim. Charlie would need to provide information regarding the accident, the uninsured driver’s liability, his negligence (if any) and whether he suffered injuries and damages aside from those concerning his vehicle.


Charlie was lucky, but what about you? Taking extra measures to protect yourself against the Uninsured Motorist is one of the most responsible tools at your disposal.


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