Injured in a Scooter Accident? Companies Demand Cases be Tried in California

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Electric scooters are increasing in popularity, both in Edinburg and in other cities across Texas. People use them for fun and local sightseeing trips, as well as for traveling to and from work or running errands. However, a rash of serious injuries among e-scooter users has resulted in lawsuits and prompts for tougher regulations among state legislators.

Part of the appeal of e-scooters is that they require minimal training to operate. This is often cited as one of the main causes of injuries, but product defects within the scooter may actually be to blame. While e-scooter companies can be held liable for manufacturing issues, wording in user agreements typically include the outrageous requirement that product liability claims be filed in another state.

Electric Scooter Injuries Claims and Manufacturer Liability

While e-scooters provide a fun and inexpensive form of transportation, some areas are considering limiting their use or even going so far as to ban them completely as a result of safety concerns. According to the advocacy group Consumer Reports, nearly 10 people have died as a result of riding e-scooters over the past year, while thousands of other users have suffered serious injuries. The riders themselves are often blamed for these accidents, but the companies that produce e-scooters share responsibility, as well.

Riding an e-scooter in traffic, going at too high of speeds, and not wearing a helmet all increase e-scooter accident risks. While riders are encouraged to take actions to protect their own safety, design defects and other characteristics inherent in e-scooters are beyond their control. E-scooter accidents have been reported in which the following product defects were to blame:

  • Tire defects, resulting in skidding and blowouts;
  • Brake failures and sudden locking, resulting in loss of control;
  • Sudden acceleration, causing the scooter to surge forward;
  • Sudden stops due to deactivation of the e-scooter power supply;
  • Improperly working headlights, handlebars, and other parts.

Seeking Compensation Against Manufacturers in E-Scooter Accidents

Under Section 82.001 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, manufacturers can be held liable for product defects that end up resulting in injuries for consumers. However, stipulations included in e-scooter user agreements often stipulate that claims against these companies must be filed in their home state of California.

User agreements for Lime, Bird, Jump, and other e-scooter providers all include these stipulations. However, due to the complex wording in these agreements, which is clearly meant to confuse consumers, and the fact that traveling to another state puts undue hardship on already injured victims, local judges may end up ruling that these cases can be heard in local jurisdictions.

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