Back To The Texas Sun

It seemed like we were never going to catch a break from the cold weather. I’m sure your family experienced the same thing mine did with the kids spending a lot more time inside playing video games. I’m glad that’s finally over and we can go back to enjoying our time outside in the Texas sun.

As a father of three boys whose ages range from 9 to 15, it’s difficult to find things to do that all of them enjoy. Here are the top 3 things we like to do as a family that everyone enjoys.

1. Travel – Traveling is something that never gets old or “lame” to do as a family. I’m grateful that I get to spend time with my boys traveling to different places like Houston, New York, and even to Mexico to visit family. We’ll visit beaches in those areas, visit museums and just take in what the city has to offer. Sometimes, we don’t even travel far. One of the great benefits of living in The Valley is that we can visit South Padre Island as frequently as we’d like to and create great family memories.

2. Attend Sporting Events – When we’re home, and when we travel, we like to go to professional and collegiate sporting events. Anything from basketball to baseball, it’s a fun time for the whole family. We all love to watch and cheer along as dedicated teams play their hearts out. Win or lose, ups or downs, sporting events are a great family venture.

3. Working Out at Home – My oldest has been interested in working out at school more and more. Another reason to go outside other than to shoot some hoops is to go lift weights, but it’s also something you can do at the house. Working out in our back yard together has been a great way for me to stay motivated to stay healthy plus it has become a new way for us to spend time together which is great.

Those are the top 3 ways that I spend time with my family and I would like to encourage you to go out and try new things this spring.

- Raul A. Guajardo