There are several different types of auto accidents in McAllen and a wide range of injuries that can result from them, including:

Head on Collision

When two vehicles hit front end to front end, the results are usually catastrophic. Many times head on collisions will result in severe or permanently crippling injuries and often can involve fatalities.


This occurs when two vehicles make light to moderate contact while driving next to each other. The results can be severe in rare instances where you lose control of your vehicle and leave the roadway. More typical injuries associated with a sideswipe are soft tissue damage, broken bones and lacerations from flying glass.

Fender bender

These are usually the types of accidents that happen when cars bump into each other while travelling at a low rate of speed, usually with little property damage. They often happen at stoplights and in parking lots. Even though the vehicles are not going fast, serious injuries such as whiplash or soft tissue damage can occur with them.

Rear End Collision

These are the result of someone hitting you from behind, often at speed. These can result in such severe injuries as soft tissue damage, serious whiplash, broken bones, and severe lacerations; in some instances they can even be fatal.

Side Collision

This type of accident occurs when another vehicle hits you in the side of your vehicle, often at speed (sometimes referred to as being ‘T-Boned’). Just like the rear end collision, these can result in such severe injuries as brain injuries, spine injuries, soft tissue damage, serious whiplash, broken bones, and severe lacerations; in some instances they can be fatal. This is not to be confused with the much less severe sideswipe.


This results when an accident is so severe that your vehicle ends up on its roof. It often causes problems extricating you to get the medical help you need and the injuries resulting from it can be severe or result in death.

Why Hire an Attorney

If you think that you were wronged by another driver and that led directly to the injuries you incurred in an accident, then you have every right to file a claim to seek compensation for your losses.

Is it possible to negotiate a settlement or get a favorable judgment if you represent yourself? Yes, it is; however, injury victims who represent themselves in tort cases are more likely to lose their case or get lower settlements than those victims that have legal representation.

Sit down with an experienced auto accident lawyer at the Law Office of Raúl A. Guajardo for a free consultation. We can discuss the details of your case and your legal options.

Remember, chances are you will be going up against a very sharp and experienced legal team from the negligent driver’s insurance company. You should have a knowledgeable, aggressive attorney on your side, too.